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Hello. My name's Raquel and I'm sixteen years old and I'm from Portugal. I'm in love with TV Series and movies. Internet is my life. I'm obsessed with English and I usually talk a lot in a British accent. I'm extremely shy but friendly, quiet & nerd.

What I love
Tumblr and Twitter are my passion. I love photography, making stuff on Photoshop, though I'm still learning. writing on livejournal and blogs. Fan Fictions. London. iPhone. iPod. movies. Tv series. reading. UK Flag. music. New York. playstation 3. drawing. quotes. weheartit. hats. dogs. cats. pizza. British accents. traveling. peaches. pears. sunglasses.

TV Series    
Currently obsessed about Doctor Who. Gilmore girls. Merlin. Sherlock. Games Of Thrones. The Borgias. The Vampire Diaries. Pretty Little Liars. Glee. Camelot. Community. How I Met Your Mother. The Big Bang Theory. Friends. Heroes. Bones. Supernatural. Smallville. Parenthood. Life Unexpected. Charmed. Moonlight. The OC.

Chronicles of Narnia. Harry Potter. Easy A. Post Grad. The Golden Compass. New York Minute. Never Let Me Go. Star Trek. Prince Of Persia. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Black Swan. Percy Jackson. Lord Of The Rings. Star Wars.  Thor. Pirates Of Caribbean. 

  Karen Gillan. Lauren Graham. Alexis Bledel. Candice Accola. Nina Dobrev. Troian Bellisario. Lucy Hale. Ashley Benson. Katie McGrath. Billie Piper. Emma Watson. Amanda Seyfried. Rachel Bilson. Leighton Meester. Giovanna Falcone. Emma Stone. Georgie Henley
Dougie Poynter.  Bradley James. Matt Smith. Colin Morgan. Jensen Ackles. Tom Fletcher. Ben Barnes. Andrew Garfield. Paul Wesley. Harry Judd. Milo Ventimiglia. Tom Welling. Danny Jones. Adam Brody.  David Tennant. Ian Somerhalder.

My Inspirations a.k.a The Most Important People
Dougie Poynter. Danny Jones. Harry Judd. Tom Fletcher = McFly. Matt Smith. Karen Gillan. Lauren Graham. Alexis Bledel.

The Notebook. The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. The Vampire Diaries Saga. The Picture Of Dorian Gray. Percy Jackson. The Princess Diaries. Harry Potter Saga. The Golden Compass. The Chronicles Of Narnia. Never Let Me Go.  (more coming soon)

P.S- most important | very important |

You can find me on... twitter | tumblr | listography | flavors

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